Galaxie Kennels upcoming litters

N.R deposits of $400.00 required.

Please email for prices on the upcoming litter. All pups are home raised, "indoors and out" with a cat, horses, also socializing with school aged children and other dogs of all sizes.  All puppies come with first set of shots, health/vet check, microchipped, CKC registration, lifetime breeder support, 3 year genetic guarantee (hip dysplasia, genetic heart issues or any other genetic debilitating disorder which must be veternarian diagnosed) NOT included in our warrenty and health guarantee includes buit not limited to bloat, gastric torsion, cherry eye, third eye eversion, entropion and haw eye. Pet puppies are Spayed or Neutered (this is an option and will be done prior to you getting your puppy at 10 weeks of age) and is included in our pet price. There may also be some availiable for show/ breeding. Shipping and kennel is available at your expense.

We support the early spay and neuter program: Here is some more information

From time to time we will have a rescue Dane or one of our own Danes that is availiable and for an adoption fee; normally between $400-$600; which covers spay/neuter, rabies shots and regular shots plus for rescues this cost also helps cover dog food and or the time and gas money to go and pick up the dog...If you are interested in one please let us know. These Danes will need new homes for various reasons and are various ages. Most Danes live for roughly 12 yrs (some younger and some older) and some of our Danes and rescues are older but have years left to give to a new family.

16th October 2016 Athena and Percy

Picks for puppies are at the age of 6 weeks or older, a deposit holds a pup from this litterwhen born and then picks start from the first deposits received and go down the list, except where pup says sold already or breeder hold 

  All Pups SOLD


8 Girls


4 Boys


Harlequin  Female "Riley" Sold to Doug & Heather Stefanek of Mission, BC


Breeding/Show Harlequin Female "Emma" SOLD to Laurie and Ron of Greenwood, BC


Blk Female, "Selene" Sold to Merle Lund of Gibson, BC


Merle Female " Mazie Whoops a Dazie" Sold to Meegan& Steve Dilling of Trail, BC


Merle Female " Lacey" SOLD to Miranda Dean of Kamloops BC


Blk Female no collar "Cora" Sold to Jen Zbinden & Tim Corkery of Courtenay, BC


Blk Female, "Phoebe"  Sold to return buyers Bill & Laurel Dolson of Kimberley, BC



Blk Female Red Collar " Cove" Sold to Brittni Carlsen of Langley, BC


Merle Male "Bane" Sold to Lentina & Travis Kujala of Grand Forks, BC


Blk Male "Atlas" black collar  Sold to returning buyer Chad McTavish of Kelowna/Vancouver BC


Blk Male, Red Collar  "Roper" Pending Sale to Lindsey Rutledge


Blk Male, "Magnus" Sold to Kim Carlsen of Langley BC

waiting list

Faydra -  Next litter 

Brandy - Next litter - Male

Keela/MC - Next litter (Harlequin)

Jen/Kelly - Next litter 

Jessica Larsen - Next litter (Merle)

Candace Taylor - Next litter (Harlequin) 

Dane Dorozan - Next Litter first pick Male Merle 

Meghan Sidorchuk - Next Litter

Anastasia Holler - Next Litter

Aurora has a new home Claire Barone of Surrey BC

2014 Puppies Aurora & Percy: All Puppies SOLD


Pet Harlequin Female #1"Harley" SOLD to Amanda Wowdzia of Edmonton, AB


Pet Harlequin Female #2 "Inara" SOLD to Megan DeSimone of Vernon BC


Breeder/show Harelquin Female #3 Andromeda SOLD/ Co-ownership to Rupert Hoesli of OK Falls, BC


Pet Boston Merle Female #4 "Crystal" SOLD to Shannon Reid of Prince George, BC


Pet Harlequin Male #1 " Hunter" SOLD to Matt Anderson of Maple Ridge, BC


pet Black Male #2 "Finn" SOLD to Joel Johnston of Port Moody, BC


Pet Merle Male #3 "Tig" SOLD to Desiree Lamarche of Victoria, BC


2013 Puppies 

4 Males

IMG_0478.JPG IMG_0542.JPGIMG_0836.JPG

Ronin (Breeder pick))


Darius (Sold) To Pauline Loos& Ronald Stokes of Victoria, BC

IMG_0475.JPG IMG_0524.JPG

Pierce (Sold) To Dawn Fisher of Sylvan Lake, AB

IMG_0515.JPG IMG_0531.JPG

Lucus (Sold) To John Hutchinson from Calgary Alberta

5 Females


Athena (Breeder pick)

 IMG_0510.JPG IMG_0530.JPG

Dyna (Sold) To Lisa Latondress of Port Coquitlam, BC)

IMG_0481.JPG IMG_0519.JPG IMG_0540.JPG

Celeste(Sold) To Lisa Petrovic of Sooke, BC

IMG_0476.JPG IMG_0526.JPG IMG_0539.JPG

Luna (Sold) Cassey Inocentes & Charlotte Ungson of Chilliwack, BC

 IMG_0506.JPG IMG_0543.JPG

Raven (Sold) To Pauline Loos & Ronald Stokes of Victoria, BC

puppies from 2011:


Trinity Female #2 SOLD 


Clover Female #1 SOLD to Jim Lochhead of Langley, BC


Ivy Female #3 Sold to Salan Downs and Darren of Victoria BC


Hilo (rose) Female #4 SOLD to Camille & Andrew Burke of Port Coquitlam


Maiya (cleo) Female #5 SOLD to Jennifer & Ryan Grisedale of Coquitlam, BC


9 weeks

Odin (julius) Male #1 SOLD to Chad McTavish of Kelowna BC

IMG_7991.JPGIMG_8085.JPGIMG_8087.JPG9 weeks

Tron Male #2 SOLD to Yvonne Snow of Mill Bay, BC

2010 puppies SOLD