We have had Danes in our lives since 1998 when we purchased our first male "Merlin". He was put to rest in 2007 and gave us 2 litters of beautiful pups, he is greatly missed. We have a small farm in Grand Forks, BC the dogs are raised both in and out of the house. They are used to horses, small dogs, school aged children, cats and various other things.  Our Danes are large well natured lap dogs (or they try to be), they love to be around us as much as possible going for walks, car rides or even getting into the shower/tub with or without you."Riddick" was our first European Dane and we have decided to go to the European lines because of their the large heads and thick throughout the body verses the tall and lanky Danes that are normally seen in North America. European Danes are what a Dane should be. If you would like more information on anything please ask.

We tend to do alot of rescuing of Danes and have our own females put into new homes after they have had a couple litters, so they can live out their lives and enjoy themselves.

Below are some of the Danes we have owned and that are in other homes


Riddick as a puppy just before he was brought over from Poland, he now resides with dear friends Angela and Rusty in Lumby BC


Lives in Kelowna with her new family Dennis and Denise


Dawn has found a new home with Ashley and Shane of Grand Forks, BC